Singing a new song

Currently, I find myself in a season of intense pressure and business, with appointments, duties and deadlines occupying most of my days. During the still moments, I often find myself reminiscing on the times when I was able to do the things that I really enjoy. Most times my thoughts are quickly interrupted by crying, yelling, or ringing phones.

Yesterday, I found myself struggling to prepare my children and myself for church. On most Sundays, I am eager to attend service but this morning things felt much different. I felt drained and defeated and struggled even to drive to church. It took everything in me to not reroute myself and head back home. I pleaded with God during most of the drive, praying that he would give me “a new song” to sing because I had no song left in me. I had been unable to write or blog for days, as I felt I had no words left in me to share.

Things quickly shifted as I walked into the house of the Lord. I felt His presence very profoundly. As I began to worship, it was as if I could feel all of the weight being lifted off of my shoulders. Throughout most of the sermon, it felt as though God was speaking directly to me. His spoken words confirmed things I had been speaking to the Lord about that very morning. I began to feel rejuvenated, and it then made sense why the enemy had tried so hard to attack my mind and prevent me from attending yesterday’s service.

Today, I am reminded that we must be prepared and aware that we are in a spiritual battle. A battle for not only our salvation, but for the salvation of our children, loved ones and future generations.

And remember: The greater our Promise, the stronger our battles will be. But stay encouraged because God has a way of always showing up right on time.  ⚓️

“He has given me a new song to sing, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see what he has done and be amazed. They will put their trust in the LORD” Psalm 40:3 . 🌼🎼💛

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